Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lake of Purple

“Yet marked O where the bolt of Cupid fell.
It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love's wound,
And maidens call it love-in-idleness.”
A Midsummer Night's Dream
These beautiful carpets of purple flowers are infesting lawns up and down the lakefront.
See the lake in the background? A bonus post to honor the Bard's birthday.

More Signs of Spring

The nearly-empty boatslips are slowly filling, weekend by weekend.

Sparkly, sunny water.
Looking south. From Saturday, 4/23/11.
William Shakespeare's Birthday.
"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May."

I hope you are right, old dude, I hope you are right.

Looking Up?

Notice the contrails striping the sky? Notice that you can see the sky and it is not obscured by clouds? Maybe spring will return after all. From Thursday, 4/21/11.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gloom. Doom.

It's calmer today, but no less depressing. Spring, where are you? Please come back! We promise to be good!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glass Map

A new art piece from San Francisco artist Klari Reis. I think it is a painting, but it looks like fused glass to me. At any rate, that blue section is our beloved Lake Michigan.

More Misery

High winds, endless rain (sometimes frozen), winter goes on and on (I forgot to mention that it SNOWED yesterday. It melted by noon, but still).

Window of Light

Took this from a different building (near my office--about a block away) thus the new tree! and an interesting hole in the clouds that looked as though you could climb right through it. From Monday, 4/18/11.


Blue sky above blue-green stripe above brown-gray water above sandy beach above green grass. This was taken from a waterfront park, one where I don't think I've been for a photo before this one. Hmmm. From Sunday, 4/17/11.

Two Banks

The shoreline bank and the cloud bank. (If I ever had enough money to open a bank, I would definitely call it the Cloud Bank). I love the very light water contrasted with the dark blue sky. Taken from the park near my home. From Saturday, 4/16/11.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Splash and Crash

Very wavy, with some early morning sunshine to make it more dramatic. Still cold.

Winter: The Return

A cold front is blowing in a lot of windy misery. As you can see, there's grass, so it's not exactly freezing, but it is wool coat (but not down) and gloves (but not hats) weather. I miss spring! From Thursday, 4/14/11.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


From this morning.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Home Again

This morning at the usual spot, looking east over Lake Michigan.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Always Look on the Bright Side

My flight was fogged in on Thursday, which meant the Friday morning flight was very early. Lucky me!
A much more industrial sunrise than I am used to on Lake Michigan.
But so colorful.
Farewell Toronto, Queen City of Lake Ontario! From 4/8/11.

Billy Bishop and the Maple Reindeer

Wouldn't that make an awesome childrens book title? When I saw this truck (in the background) that is what I thought it said: "Maple Reindeers" when in fact, it says "Maple Reinders." I cannot be the only one who has made this error. And I personally think that Maple Reindeer should be the symbol the next time Canada hosts the Winter Olympics.
Anyway, this is the view from Billy Bishop Island Airport, the photo taken just a few hundred yards from the shoreline. Super cool way to get to another amazing Great Lakes city.

Islands and Ferries

I thought this shot of the airplane landing apparatus was really cool.
Here's one of the ferries that takes people to the islands.
Landing apparatus + ferry. From 4/3/11.

Approaching Toronto

Heading east over Lake Ontario.
The familiar Toronto skyline.
The beautiful islands that shield the harbor.
Getting ready to circle and land. From Sunday, 4/3/11.

The Great Lakes Airline?

I flew Porter Airlines from Chicago to Toronto, and in addition to its general charms as an airline, and the fact that if you fly to Toronto you get to land on an island in a Great Lake, as you can see from the route map, it flies to destinations near each and every Great Lake. Maybe they don't think of themselves as the Great Lakes Airline, but I do!

Over Lake Michigan

I am a big fan of flying and I always choose the window seat. Here's Chicago from WAY up high! From 4/3/11.

Twilight Blue

This is an old photo from 3/19/11, the second evening of the legendary giant moon. Unfortunately, it was very cloudy and the moon was hidden. But it still cast enough light to create this really interesting layered blue shot. (This is so late because it was on the "good" camera, which I just downloaded today.)

Saturday, April 9, 2011


In the Daily Dish (or now, just The Dish) no less! So what if my guess was wrong--it WAS a Great Lake.

Back on track soon, with first ever Lakemichiblog photos of Lake Ontario!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


There's nothing foolish about this dreamy view, it's just that I took it on April Fool's Day. No, really. From Friday, 4/1/11.

The Air Up There

I went to another building and took this photo from a 2nd floor window. Always good to see a new perspective. From Monday, 3/28/11.