Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Beautiful

 Winter arrived, for a short time anyway.
 The snow was still falling this morning as the sun attempted to shine.
 Big, wet flakes clung to every tree branch and rock.
 Fence posts were topped with pure white mounds of snow.

Most of it is gone from the trees at 2pm, but it was beautiful while it lasted.


Hidden behind the haze. From Thursday, 2/23/12.


Another one of those days when rounding the corner revealed a masterpiece. From Wednesday, 2/22/12.


A single lonely contrail from a plane traveling vertically? A rocket? From Monday, 2/20/12.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Too Much

Flossy clouds against ethereal blue sky, tree and lamp silhouettes, and subtle stripes across the water. I tried to get them all in the same photo, maybe too much? From 2/17/12.

Stunning Blues

This was taken at dusk, when everything seems calmest and the blues are at their best. From 2/16/12.

Cloud Swells

Look down, you see ducks.  Look up, and note the waves in the clouds. From 2/14/12.

Light Sublime

Reflected on the slight waves, shining bright on the horizon. This was one of those mornings when I rounded the corner for my first view of the Lake and had to gasp. From 2/13/12.

Mysterious and Rare Precipitation

The snowflakes were so large and slow on this day that I was able to capture them on camera. This is the only substantial snow we've had in February, and it totaled about 3 inches. Most days are above freezing, and traffic to the Iceberg Hoax post has slowed down considerably from years past. Strangest winter I've ever experienced. From 2/10/12.

Horizon Light

Roiling waters up close give way to sweet light on the horizon, beyond the clouds. From 2/07/12.


More calm and blue. From 2/06/12.


Those are some amazing clouds, letting a little bit of light escape and shine in a spot on the water. From 2/04/12.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Lake Swimming

I posted about this phenomenon before, but here's some footage of WINTER Lake swimming off Promontory Point in Chicago.  I've never done it, I doubt I ever will, but I can't help but admire those who do.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Beautiful smooth blue for a balmy February first.  What a contrast with last year.