Friday, July 27, 2012


My apologies for the lack of summer posts. I feel very badly about this because I feel obligated to my readers/viewers (who are still visiting despite my absence!) and also because I think I may be inadvertently creating a chronicle of climate change (or lack thereof, if the current trends reverse themselves). Recall that all of last winter, there was never a layer of ice formed on the lake. This summer we've had barely any rain and temps over 100 degrees on multiple days, and most of the lawns in parks near the Lake are brittle and straw-colored. So I am sorry not to be chronicling this in real time.

Anyway, the issue is with my computer and I had hoped it would have been resolved quite a while ago. Since it has not been, I am reluctant to download photos on the loaner I have been using. I hope to catch up sometime in August with other summer photos.

For now, here is a lovely view of Lake Michigan at Sunrise in mid-June, overlooking Chicago's Navy Pier. This was taken by guest photographer PK.  Thanks, PK!