Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Afternoon Update

Lake Michigan still looks pretty much as it does in the post directly below, from this morning, here at my vantage point.

However, other people around here, and in Chicago, have found some great wave action.

Waves photographed in Chicago caused by Superstorm Sandy (from WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio listener contributions).

Facebook friend JM, who photographed the pier and lighthouse.

And Facebook Friend MM, who filmed some waves.

I'll take and post some of my own pics before it gets dark.

Expecting Sandy

This photo, from this morning at 9:05am, shows waves that have grown a lot since yesterday afternoon.
Still, I would say that this is not really unusual for a Lake Michigan storm.  We have lots of days where the waves are pretty big and loud. Here's a video from the same time, 9am this morning, October 30, 2012:

Loud, but still not too violent.  Will update later today.

Back! With Hurricane Sandy Reports

Greetings all,
Believe it or not, I HAVE been taking photos since May, just not posting them.  Eventually, I will do some back blogging and post the spring, summer, and early fall photos of the lake.

For right now, I want to respond to several requests for photos of the waves on Lake Michigan.  The effects of Hurricane Sandy will be comparatively light here in the Midwest, but there are high waves predicted for Lake Michigan over the next several days, so I am chronicling them here.

For starters, here's yesterday morning (10/29/12) about 9am:
Just some mild ripples.

Here's yesterday afternoon, around 3:30:
The waves are definitely picking up by then.  Next entry will be this morning, 10/30/12.  Stay tuned.