Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sailing Away

Or kiting away, or whatever. I am embarrassed about how far behind I am on posting. I have SO MANY beautiful pics from this summer to put up. Hang in there, and hang ten, like these guys.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blogging by Phone II

Early evening lake pic. Will it be upside down?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Backblogging: Moonrise

Tiny moon, big sky. From late July 2011.

WAYBackblogging: Lake Geneva Sunset

Lake Geneva is no Lake Michigan, but it's beautiful and not very far away, either. This was taken in August 2009, but I just found it in my photo cache. The colors are stunning.

Backblogging: Color Wheel

A beautiful wheel of color in a lakefront park. That blue stripe on the Horizon is the Lake. From mid-July.

Backblogging: Guesting Gulls

This great photo of a group of gulls resting on rocks was taken in early July by guest photographer PM. Thanks, P!

Backblogging: Dusk Collection

These were all taken from my new camera phone, and downloaded in a batch without dates. I do know they are all from July 2011. That's the best I can do. Pretty, huh?

Backblogging: 500th post! 5 gorgeous views!

Prairie meets lake.
Clear water, smooth round stones.
A sandy beach with driftwood--or is that a lioness napping between tufts of grass on an African plain?
Humans meet Lake.
Sunset over Southport point. All from June 2011.

When I started this blog nearly 3 years ago, I could never have predicted what was to come: nearly 30,000 pageviews, a google hit with a post about icebergs, an art exhibit of some of these very photos, visitors from all over the world. But the thing that keeps me blogging is the reason I started in the first place: a reason to notice and share the beauty of this great natural wonder that is part of my very lucky everyday existence. Thank you for visiting.

Backblogging: Anger in the Sky

Clouds roll in over Lake Michigan on June 22.