Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stunning Gifts

Ethereal beauty on Friday, 5/22.

Intense color

I love this combination of jewel-like blue and spring green. Why do we not see it more outside of nature? (bonus boat in the background) From 5/21, Thursday.

Big Blue

On Wednesday, 5/20, the Lake looked huge: And it really is spring!

Thin layer of frosting

There was a thin layer of light color between the Lake and the sky. It was more dramatic in real life than this picture can show. From Tuesday, 5/19.

Spring waves and skies

From Monday, 5/18: Just before the rain:

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sky Style

The sky and clouds are prepping for a storm, and the light makes it different every five minutes.


Wednesday night there was a huge thunderstorm, and then the Pike Creek dumped its overflow into the Lake. You can see the brown stripe from the muddy water in these pictures....
Plus they are pretty. Thursday, May 14.


Wednesday afternoon, waiting for a storm. 5/13/09

Spring boating

This boat was out enjoying the spring weather on Tuesday, May 12.


Nice spring day on Monday, May 11.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I like the bright blue and green and springy green-yellow leaves. The black line is a cable hanging from the roof--part of the roof resurfacing project that is marring our spring air with the lovely scent of asphalt.


These were all so beautiful, I couldn't decide on just one.

Hazy Day 2

Wednesday, 5/6.

Hazy Day 1

From Tuesday 5/5.

Monday, May 4, 2009


It's official! Spring has sprung!

May Day!

Remember this post? Two days later, and the tree is leafing. And there's a boat on the Lake as a bonus! From Friday.

Watercolored memories...

I know. But there are only so many titles in the world...and it is pretty. From Thursday.


Keep your eye on that tree. This is from Wednesday 4/29....

Muddy Waters

Lat Tuesday, after the excessive rain, the Pike Creek discharged gallons and gallons of muddy water into the Lake, making the Lake brown and making this picture.

Blue and Gray Monday

A week ago...rain.