Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Afternoon Update

Lake Michigan still looks pretty much as it does in the post directly below, from this morning, here at my vantage point.

However, other people around here, and in Chicago, have found some great wave action.

Waves photographed in Chicago caused by Superstorm Sandy (from WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio listener contributions).

Facebook friend JM, who photographed the pier and lighthouse.

And Facebook Friend MM, who filmed some waves.

I'll take and post some of my own pics before it gets dark.

Expecting Sandy

This photo, from this morning at 9:05am, shows waves that have grown a lot since yesterday afternoon.
Still, I would say that this is not really unusual for a Lake Michigan storm.  We have lots of days where the waves are pretty big and loud. Here's a video from the same time, 9am this morning, October 30, 2012:

Loud, but still not too violent.  Will update later today.

Back! With Hurricane Sandy Reports

Greetings all,
Believe it or not, I HAVE been taking photos since May, just not posting them.  Eventually, I will do some back blogging and post the spring, summer, and early fall photos of the lake.

For right now, I want to respond to several requests for photos of the waves on Lake Michigan.  The effects of Hurricane Sandy will be comparatively light here in the Midwest, but there are high waves predicted for Lake Michigan over the next several days, so I am chronicling them here.

For starters, here's yesterday morning (10/29/12) about 9am:
Just some mild ripples.

Here's yesterday afternoon, around 3:30:
The waves are definitely picking up by then.  Next entry will be this morning, 10/30/12.  Stay tuned.

Friday, July 27, 2012


My apologies for the lack of summer posts. I feel very badly about this because I feel obligated to my readers/viewers (who are still visiting despite my absence!) and also because I think I may be inadvertently creating a chronicle of climate change (or lack thereof, if the current trends reverse themselves). Recall that all of last winter, there was never a layer of ice formed on the lake. This summer we've had barely any rain and temps over 100 degrees on multiple days, and most of the lawns in parks near the Lake are brittle and straw-colored. So I am sorry not to be chronicling this in real time.

Anyway, the issue is with my computer and I had hoped it would have been resolved quite a while ago. Since it has not been, I am reluctant to download photos on the loaner I have been using. I hope to catch up sometime in August with other summer photos.

For now, here is a lovely view of Lake Michigan at Sunrise in mid-June, overlooking Chicago's Navy Pier. This was taken by guest photographer PK.  Thanks, PK!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


The clouds look they are trying to dive into the Lake, but something has caught them before they can take the plunge. Also, lake freighter in center top photo. From 5/30/12.


I love the way that the Lake is visible THROUGH the building. I get to see this every day when I come to work. Wow.  From 5/24/12.

Dark Shadows

Scary. From 5/21/12.


From 5/09/12.

Golden Glow

So Pretty! from 5/03/12.

May I?

Trying to get a few pics posted before May is over. From 5/02/12.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Dull Finish

The final day in April is overcast and calm. 4/30/12.

All In

This photo has everything. Beautiful aqua water, blue horizon stripe, stunning clouds, and even a bit of tree. 4/25/12.

Real Meets Surreal

The brownish-gray water looks like a photo, while the sky looks like a watercolor. From 4/22/12.


I know. The ocean-dwellers scoff at the notion that this is fierce, but it was very windy and wavy all day on this day. For a lake, anyway. From 4/20/12.


I love the way all the lines in the sky and the reflection on the water are converging on the horizon, which is just slightly yellow. From 4/18/12.


A beautiful peachy-pink stripe on the horizon. From 4/16/12.


Okay, so maybe I should the masthead from "...plus a daily photo of the Lake" to "...plus an occasional photo of the Lake." I mean to post every day, I do, but life sometimes gets in the way. So here is an occasional from April 10. Late, but still beautiful.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Unlike last year, when Spring was delayed by a month, the buds are out early. From 4/05/12.

Silver + Cotton

From 3/29/12.

Blue + Cotton

From 3/28/12.


A storm brewing out on the Lake never really made it to shore, but the effect was still quite sinister. From 3/27/12.

Early Spring

Last year I posted a lot about how LATE spring was, this year it is the opposite.  No doubt, if you are a regular reader, you have noticed that we haven't had any ice on the lake this year. This spring, the purple carpet of flowers is a month early.  From 3/26/12.

Wedge Issue

That bank of clouds to the right looks like it is going to slice right into the water. From 3/26/12.


Purpley-blue water on 3/20/12.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Morning Rose

Sunrise over Lake Michigan, sometime in March. These are taken on two different days, with the phone camera, so I'm not sure of the dates.

Luck of the Irish

From St. Patrick's Day, 3/17/12. The park near my home.


From 3/16/12.


Calm late afternoon shot from 3/15/12.

Aqua Agua

That is an amazing color along the horizon. From 3/14/12.


Two young people walking together along the lake shore. I wish that I saw more of this. Sometimes I think I'm one of only a handful of people who pay any attention to this wonder outside our windows. From 3/13/12.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lucky Ladies

This was the view from the Ladies' Room at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre earlier tonight, 3/11/12. Sorry guys!


The weather and this pic. Fuzzy and warm. From Thursday, 3/8/12.

Words Fail

This has so many interesting elements, I'm not even sure what to say. I guess we can just look and enjoy without any description. From Wednesday, 3/7/12.


Look! A line of fluffy clouds on top, a lake freighter to the left, and sparkly sunshine to the right. It's a LakeMichiblog trifecta of lake-faring fabulousness. From Monday, 3/5/12.

Pfister Phenom

Someone else has been admiring Lake Michigan from the top of the Pfister Hotel.

Andrew Sullivan's View from Your Window features another view of Lake Michigan from high above Milwaukee.

Let it be known that I got there first.

Gloomy Gray

From Friday, 3/02/12.


Just a light strip on the horizon. Thursday 3/01/12.

Right Before My Very Eyes

 There was a thick covering of fog on the Lake when I arrived at work on Wednesday morning, 2/29/12. After an hour or so, it began to clear, so I stepped outside to snap some photos. 
 The combination of fog and sunlight made for some beautiful effects.
 As I snapped photos, the fog quickly dissipated.
 Thinning out.
 Sun coming through.
 Nearly gone.

 Sun shining brightly.
Sometimes, the timing is just exactly right.