Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It looks to me like to clouds are trying to push the building back. From 12/20/11. (And with this I am caught up with my daily pics for now!)


Slightly different vantage point. From 12/19/11.


I wish I had a prettier sounding word for this, but it is almost a perfect perpendicular. From 12/16/11.


This view has an outline of blue between sky and lake. From 12/15/11.


Where's the lake and where's the sky? from 12/13/11.

The Shadow Knows

Or does it? From 12/12/11.


Those clouds look like inflated balloons that are about to drift up, up and away. From 12/09/11.


More contemplative fodder. From 12/08/11.


Both the surfaces and the mood they create are reflective. From 12/06/11.


Those clouds look like they are about to burst open. From 12/05/11.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Light at Dusk

I'm still here! It has been quite a December. I've taken a photo nearly every day, but haven't been able to post them.  Stay tuned as I try to make up for it over the next days.

Meanwhile, enjoy this lovely view from the first day of December.